Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aint No Mountain High Enough!

Beware of picture overload coming!  Emma had a great day today.  We found out the local climbing gym (the one Emma had her bday party at) was holding an adaptive climbing clinic with Catalyst Sports.  It was free for climbers and for all ages.  So, we signed Emma up.  She loves to climb but we had not been since June.  She was so excited to get to climb and to get to have some one on one help with some very supportive people.  She woke up early even, she was so happy!!

The gym
 Emma happily harnessed up!  What was cute was one of the workers remembered her and was so excited to see her again:)  Made us feel good!  Here is one of her first climbs with Mr. Tom helping her!
 She went pretty high on her first climb.
 This was after we moved upstairs to the easier walls and they were playing with her by swinging her on the rope:)  She was giggling nonstop.
 The view from the second floor!
 Resting on a little swing the gym has set up!!  
 This was the only picture of Taylor, and then he left to get time with Nana!  We wanted each child to get some one on one time.  
 Emma went back and forth up the stairs a lot.  She would go cheer for friends like Ms. Amy and then she would go find a helper to help her climb again:)  
 I just loved watching her climb and climb and climb.  It still blows my mind how much has changed in the three years since she learned to walk.  Emma is my hero!!
 Hanging with Daddy while watching Ms. Amy climb!  
 Back on the wall, this time daddy helping a little.  Emma gets nervous and stops climbing, even though she actually was doing really well today.  Best I think she has climb yet.  
 Love seeing her CI clipped on her shirt.  Nothing slows this girl down from reaching new heights!  See her smile???
 Hey mom, you getting nervous yet??
 Coming down the wall!
 Auto belays are normally harder for her since no one can help her cheat and pull her up, but she got pretty high on this route.  
 One of the awesome helpers climbed up beside her to help talk her up higher and higher.  They were all so good with all the climbers.  I was so impressed by them all!
 Emma and her new friend joy signing the rock star poster.  Emma had to add her number three times.  She climbed a total of 15 times during the four hours!  I was amazed, her legs did not even shake this time.  But she was and is so tired.  This was a lot of physical exertion for her!  
 Trying it again on her own:)
 Wearing her new shirt, she is a proud new Catalyst Athlete!  Then, she said is it Happy Meal time lol!!  She did not like the lunch offered but ate a snack with her new friend Joy before hitting the wall again.  Then she ate an entire happy meal and chips and cheese dip!  She worked up a big appetite.  
Emma showed me that no mountain is too high to try and no fear is needed.  Just trust and try!!  She is my hero today and everyday!! Nothing stops her and I pray it never does.  I am so thankful for Climb Nashville and Catalyst Sports for chances like today to allow physically delayed children and adults to try new things with the support they need to do it well and safely.  

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