Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy 3rd Hearing Birthday!!!

Three years ago today, Emma got her pretty pink magic ears!  It has been an amazing journey to be on with her.  She is doing so well!  I thought I would share her hearing birthday adventure!!

A small art kit gift and her favorite yummy breakfast treat, because we had to be at her hearing appt at 8!!  Early appts stink!!
 Funny that she had an appt today for follow up for her CI!  So, here she is in the sound booth ready for testing!
 Taylor got to attend with us today, here is daddy trying to keep him happy!  These appts are two hours long!
 Watching her mapping being done.  
 Emma needed an update to her hearing aids to make her ComPilot work in both ears.  That is a device that links blue tooth devices strait into her ears!  So, she picked out purple and hot pink and we finally got them in today.  She loves her new purple ear!!
 She was also finally cleared to wear her Cochlear behind the ear and we got to switch to her awesome t-mic today.  This mic placement is suppose to make hearing sound more natural.  
 After more testing we finally were done.  We stopped by a local really cool toy store for some fun!

 She got a special frozen bracelet just because!!

 Then, we went to try a new to us Chinese buffet.  The kids normally really like Chinese food but for some reason the buffet part threw them and lunch therefor did not go great.  But I was excited to get to try all types of food!  It was pretty good!

 Taylor by this point was tired and we opted to take us home for him to nap.  Emma and me went to show Meme her new ears and daddy put Taylor down for a nap.  Then, Emma came home switched to workout clothing and headed off with daddy for two more appointments today!  But before that, the mailman dropped off her awesome new backpack and matching lunchbox!!  She is thrilled!!

 Emma wears shoe lifts on one shoe to help her balance better due to her hip and leg issues.  Today her new school tennis shoes were done.  She loves her shoes Papa bought her!  She also got some dress shoes but no picture of those!  We are thrilled we did not know they would do dress shoes and this will be our first pair.  She normally wears tennis shoes with almost every outfit!!  
 Then, sweet nugget had a physical therapy appointment.  She had fun and sadly said good bye to her favorite therapist.  Happens to us a lot, as soon as one figures out a good game plan for Emma, they leave:(  But we wish her well on an amazing new adventure!!  

After dinner, Emma asked to play in the spray mat I bought two weeks ago on clearance. I decided sure!  Summer is almost over for us, and we better enjoy every minute of it.  Here the kids are playing in the water!!

 Taylor could not get warm, even after a warm bath.  So, here he is snuggled up for bedtime stories:)  He does not feel good poor thing.  Coughing and runny nose all week long, but he has no fever so far.  

It was a great day by all!  Love my Rosey and so proud of how well she had done with her magic ears!  

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