Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My prayer for the school year,

Dear God,

I fall on my face right now and I beg that this school year is smooth and easy.

 Okay in reality I pray that the number of notes or calls home are more positive then negative in content. I pray that Emma has kind spirits in her classroom and that the children see beyond her disabilities to her sweet heart.  I hope they notice her on the playground and slowdown to her speed and include her in their games.  Let the children hear her voice and not see her hearing devices.

 I beg that her para pro is able to take good care of her needs and help her in those areas that she needs assistance.  I pray that Emma is kind and respectful to her as well.  

I pray that the amazing team that will be apart of her education is able to stretch her and help her to reach great new heights!!  I am so very thankful that she has a school that does not leave children behind but seeks to reach them where they are and bring them to new places that did not seem possible at the start.  I thank you for bringing so many of her team back to the school, they already know and love Emma and that gives me much peace and joy.  Plus, it helps that they already know I worry a lot lol!!  I pray for her new classroom teacher as she lays her head on her pillow tonight, that she finds peace and rest as she faces a new year with new students.  May you guide her in her teachings and give her the strength she needs to guide each tender heart during this exciting new year of second grade.

I pray for each parent as we prepare to face another new school year.  There is much joy and fear in letting your child go.  May each parent find peace and joy in seeing our children learn to fly on their own.  I pray that we see the needs of our school and work to fill the gaps when needed.  I pray that we come alongside and help and not complain and grumble.  May the faces in car rider line be full of smiles despite how long it will take the first few weeks.  You may have to remind me of that one a few times oh Lord!  It will get better I know:)  I will repeat that to myself when I am ready to smack the parent who turned the wrong way again or did not pull as close to the car in front as they could.

I pray for each staff member, administrator, teacher, student and parent, may the 2014-2015 be better then ever!!

Help us OH GOD!  AMEN!!!

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