Monday, August 4, 2014

Soaking up Summer

School starts in less then two days, so we are soaking up what is left of summer!  Sunday afternoon we headed to a local museum having a free day for a certain bank.  We have never been to this place so we thought what do we have to lose it is free.  We had a blast!  They had a cool animation exhibit going on and there were all of these screens showing different cartoon clips and stuff and the kids really liked that!  Especially the Hulk clip!  They also have a whole area called Art Quest for kids and adults to explore different art themes.  We painted, drew, built, and made movies!  We spent over an hour exploring just that area.  Both kids have asked to go back!! 

 Taylor loved this poster!

 Playing in the art area!!

 Cool thing out front!
 Today we headed to lunch with my parents and then went to the local Dam area.  It had been years since I went and the kids had never been. Next time we get to go more prepared to swim and wade in the water.  But we had fun dipping our toes in the water and playing on the playground!!

It was a great two days!  Lots of memories made and lots of laughter!!  Soak it up people!!  

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