Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First day of Gymnastics

Today Taylor got to start something new!  With the help of a friend I found a local gymnastics center that had a class for him on a day and time I could take him by himself.  I had been looking for one for a while.  We really wanted him to have something that was just his to do.  So much of the time he just gets dragged along with what Emma is doing, but not today. We signed him up for a trial class and headed to check it out.
He was only a little excited:)  
 The gym is small and the class size is as well.  I really like that, he will be getting a lot more attention from Coach Steve that way.  The coach was really nice and did a great job with the kids.  Today's class was only a total of three kids but Coach Steve said it would get bigger.  
 Taylor jumped right in and tried to do it all.  He has some work on some skills but he showed a willingness and joy in trying the new skills!!  I was so proud of him!!
 Working with Coach Steve!!!!
 Working on holding his pike position!  The next go around he did it all on his own and counted to five holding his legs up!!
 He never stopped smiling!!
 Rolling like a log!
 Bear walking over a pit:)
 We will be official enrolling in this eight week class!  Taylor asked when he could go back at least five times.  He also ate a great lunch and took a very good nap after the fifty minute class.  

This week he also went back to staying with my parents while I work part-time at the library.  He was so excited to get to hang with Meme and Papa again.  He likes it because he never knows what fun field trips they will go on.  They go to fun places to eat, cool stores and visit neat people.  He also gets to eat M and M's with Papa and learn his letters and numbers with Meme.  We have been so blessed to have my mom and now my dad be able to care for our kids during the week.  My mother stopped working when Emma needed more care then a daycare could give her.  She spent almost a year snuggled up with Meme while I still worked full time.  She then spent varying degrees of time with her the next few years and my nephew Hudson also was blessed with time at Meme's house till he started school.  Taylor is the third grandchild who gets loved and cared for by my mom and now that my dad is retired he is blessed with him there as well.  There are no words to explain how wonderful it is to have parents who are able to love on my kids while I work.  

It has been a busy week all around!  I am back to my regular work schedule, Taylor is back at my parents, started gymnastics and Emma is in full swing of school.  I will update on her soon!  

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