Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Schools Back!!

School supplies were bought, back pack ordered and arrived, uniforms replaced and ironed, and the day came bright and early this morning.  Yep, it was the first day of school today!  Emma started Second Grade today, and I cant believe it!!!  Emma was so excited she woke up four or five times last night and was up ready to go at six.  Now, they have tomorrow off and then go all day Friday, we will see what time she gets up then:)

Here is her new backpack ready to go!
 Daddy and Emma this morning
 Traditional first day pics in the front yard!  She was so happy this year!  She kept smiling for all the pics!
 She is not excited at all right?  LOL!  She loves school!
 Not sure what Taylor was so happy about this morning, I think it might be he gets mommy to himself again!
 I am so proud of her, and cant believe she is in second grade! How did that happen?  I think it was harder to leave her today then Kindergarten.  I just want to stop time!
 Showing off her new ears and her cool backpack!
 She was dancing down the hall to her new room!  I love her spirit!
 Outside her new room
 I already love her new teacher.  She has already touched base with me twice and let me know today how she did.  She reported that Emma had a great day and was very social and happy.  Yep that is my girl.  Just hope she learns when it is okay to talk this year;)  
 She found her new locker and hung her bag all by herself.
 Taylor was over pictures and was ready to go home.  
 At her desk
 Aww kissing each other good bye.  They really do love each other!
 We will not even talk about how crazy car rider line was today, but here she is when we finally got to pick her up.  Still smiling despite the long wait.  I was so happy to see her so happy.  It was only a half day, but I stared at the clock half the time.  I really missed her and was so worried. 
 While Emma was at school, we worked on a little surprise for her.  We have been working with her on making her crib into a desk for her to create and learn on.  It was finished painting but needed to be moved in.  Well, we did it today while she was gone!  Here is the before picture

 Here is the after, it turned out so cute.  My hubby worked hard sanding the plywood down, and painting it purple with Emma.  
 We added hooks at one end for her dress up stuff. 
 Emma was so excited that it was done and that it was purple.  She has lots of room to work on her scrap books, do homework and write notes to her friends.  She spent an hour in her room talking to herself and working on notes.  So grown up!!
All in all it was a very good day.  It went really smooth and that is blessing for sure when it comes to having a special needs child.  I hope Friday goes as well, but I am concerned with it being a full day.  She is tiring out so fast right now.  I fear I will be facing meltdown central in the afternoons.  But I guess as long as she is good at school and learning I can deal with that at night.  Well, at least I hope I can!

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