Sunday, June 29, 2014

What we have been up to...

Week three of recovering from surgery, it has gotten harder and harder to not be in the water since it is hot.  But we made it through the last week!!  Went to the local library for story time and had fun on Wednesday.  She attended two physical therapy appts to work on her muscle tone and one hour of speech as well.  Then Wednesday night the kiddos went to Nana's for a sleepover and they were so happy to be leaving me.  Then, they got to spend the next day with Auntie Jenn and her two cute boys!  They got to help them get ready for a family cookout Thursday night.  We had a great night hanging with the Zook's celebrating Papa Earl's bday!

 Friday, Hudson came to have a little fun!  We played Lego soccer (that daddy spent days setting up)

 Made some yummy cookies!
 made firework paintings using paint and straws!  It was so fun and a great activity for them to try to do.  Hudson was really good at it!

 Played outside for a few minutes before eating a whole pizza and leaving me none:)  
 Icing cookies after lunch!
 Saturday, Emma got to go to a little Frozen themed dance camp at her studio.  She had a blast dancing, singing, making a few cute little crafts and having fun with friends:)  She was so excited about getting to dance and have fun!!

 Sunday, aka today, we went to church, the grocery store, and after lunch Meme and me surprised her and took her to see a little community play of Mulan Jr.  We had a great time at her first real sort of play. She loved it and wanting to be in it next time!!!  Then she took us out for ice cream!  She was so proud of getting to pay, thanks to a generous gift card a dear friend sent her.  

Then, it stormed and we went out to play in some puddles, because what else can you do but jump around in the rain puddles!!!  Taylor had so much fun he had to have a bath afterward.  We also had to dump his boots out twice they had so much water in them.  Emma was pretty tired but had a little fun, before she went in to watch the World Cup with daddy!!  

Tomorrow is the big day!!  We are getting activated in the morning!  There is still a little worried that she has a slight infection under her skin, but we should be able to still start mapping her implant and turn it on!!!  Scared and excited!  Emma is so excited to get her princess pink cochlear implant!!

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