Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Girl Night

Sadly Emma and I had to stay home today, as the Zook men went to a Braves game in Atlanta.  We hoped to go, but did not think Emma should try to sit in the car that long since it was a down and back trip.  So, the boys left and the girls stayed home.  I think we had the better time!

Emma and I took a short nap, then we made lip gloss for her friends from a kit she bought a few weeks ago.  It was fun to work with her on a project and especially one with glitter and lip gloss!!  After, we finished we got dressed up and went to town:)  Emma had received a little money while she was recovering and we went to spend it at Toys R Us.  Well, and to pick up the Lego movie because my husband wants to watch it lol!  Emma took her time looking and made some great choices.  She got a Frozen dish set, a barbie movie and some gloves to work in the yard in:)  She was so proud to carry them to the checkout and pay with her money.
 Of course she had to ride the big apple on the way out:)  Oh I forgot to mention she decided to be a princess all day today.  Who is to blame her, wish it would not look odd if I wore one all day!

After, spending our money, we meet one of my best friends and her daughter at Mexican!  Yes, it is my love language and Emma's too.  Gotta love cheese dip and french fries, Emma's favorite!  The girls were so excited to be together.  Her friend keep bouncing and repeating Emma's name!  We ate a lot of chips, some tacos, and had a great time all four of us girls.  Emma was so happy to go with me and Mrs. Adrienne because we go on girl nights out some and she always wants to go.  It was a big night to get to join us, and we hope to do it more often. The girls were so cute.  After chips and dip, we decided to go use Emma's ice cream gift card at a local yogurt place.  The girls held hands all the way to our cars and it was so cute!

Emma proudly took her owl backpack in to the place, got our ice cream and held her gift card out to pay.  She was so happy to pay for her friends to have a treat!  I was so proud of her for sharing and caring so well.  The girls sat and giggled and ate, till the music got to good being played and they had to stop and dance!  I hope they always just stop and dance in the moment. 

It was a great night, capped off with stopping at her house to crash her brother's camp out and celebrate one of her brother's bdays with cupcakes in the backyard.  It was fun and a nice way to end a great afternoon.

It had been a long time since it has just been me and her for most of the day, and I loved every second.  Just hearing her thoughts, her laughter and her joy. I am also just so glad to see her feeling better and playing and smiling so much more.  She is healing well, it is itching some, and we had to stop at a store to buy ointment to keep her from being bugged by it tonight:)  

Life is good!

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