Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

We had a great day today, celebrating my dad and my kids dad!  It was a perfect Sunday!!  Emma felt up to going to church, so we got all dressed up and headed to church!  Don"t they look handsome!!

 Our church gave out cute little footballs to all the dad's to be able to play with their kids, Emma and Taylor were so excited!!!
 Gift time!!

 Emma spent a long time on her cards this year, however I got left off since she ran out of room:)  
 We made some magnet containers and a magnet family photo for daddy to put in his work truck!  They will stick to his metal shelves and keep us near him all day long!
 watching a movie before going to lunch!
 Family gathering with my dad!  These three kiddos love each other so much!
 My dad playing with some of his grand kids!
 My brother playing ball with Emma!
 Celebrating her catching it!!
 Emma ate her weight in brownie muffins today!  And nope my nephew does not like clothing:)  he is always without his shirt
 my awesome dad doing what he does best, loving his grand kids!
 Emma squealed the whole ride, she was so happy! It made me happy to see her so excited and so full of energy!
 Playing corn hole, which was actually his gift a few years ago and has all the grand kids hands and feet on them!
 My awesome husband, being a good dad and reading to the kids before bed.  I might be the reader in the family, but he always reads their bedtime books.  Mostly because he gets such little time with them because of work.  This is their time together and has been since Emma was tiny!  I love watching it every night!!

I love my dad and I love the dad to my kids!! Happy Father's day!!!

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