Saturday, June 7, 2014

Family Vacay Day One

We had a great little mini family vacation this week.  We spent three days and two nights down in downtown Chattanooga!  It was an amazing couple of days.  I took so many great photos I decided to break it in to a few post so it is not to long.

Day One:  Luckily it is just a couple hour drive to Chatt!  However, the kids asked about a hundred times "where we there yet?"  A few friends had told us to try Cheeburger Cheeburger and we decided that would be our first stop when we hit town.  It was a fun place, sort of like an old dinner.  The burger was so yummy and the onion rings were awesome!  The kids ate pretty good too!

 They really liked that their food came in these cool cars!  
 We decided to hit the little zoo nearby, and it was a great fit for our kids.  It is not the best zoo around, but it was fun and great for young kids.  I loved the monkeys, Taylor loved all of it, and Emma liked riding the train!

 Row, Row, Row your boat!
 The peacocks were putting on a huge show of colors!  We watched them dance and sing for a little while.  Look at the pretty colors!!
 My child who is afraid of flies, did not appear afraid of the goats at the petting zoo.  He chased them all around to brush them.  He was happy this one sat down!
 He was so silly all day!
 Checking out the cougars on the cougar train!
 Emma about freaked when she got to see a fox.  You cant really see it in the picture, but he is asleep on the log on top of the rock!
 Here little lizard:)  
 Choo Choo!!
 Check-in time at the hotel!
 Bellhop, who needs a bellhop, my kids carry their own!
 Silly monkey jumping on the bed!
 Ahh home away from home!
 Coolidge Park after a quick dinner!  This place is so cool!
 It is right on the river and really neat!
 Really neat sculpture pieces all around it by the river section!

 I had forgotten there was a splash pad, but since I had a spare outfit in the car, we let them play in their clothes they had on!  They thought I had lost my mind, but went with it.  


 A little before bed swimming at the hotel, was a nice way to top off the first day on our vacay!!!

 It was really cold so, we warmed up by the cool fire pit with some hot chocolate!
 Night all!!

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