Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meetings, Music, and Noodles

Today we went to an event for families and people who have Advance Bionic Cochlear Implants.  This is the company that we picked for Emma's implant and we were so excited to meet people we have been talking to through Email etc.  It was held at the Country Music Hall of Fame downtown and we got to get tickets to check out the museum afterwards.  So, we headed downtown for some fun!

Emma got to meet two other kids with cochlear implants and they had fun making necklaces and working the closed caption machine with the lady who came to help do that during the talks.  It was so cute to see them typing and watching what came up on the screen.  We meet some adults with implants, some people from the company and some other parents who have been in our shoes.  It was a nice hour or so hanging out and learning more info!!!

 Afterwards, we headed down to the museum and the kids were not that impressed with all the fancy stage costumes and awards.  But then we found the family area with the cool guitar slide:)  It was a fast slide, let me tell you first hand that it was short but super fast!  It was really interactive area, and the kids had to earn badges at all these different stations to become Country Certified.  They thought it was fun and I enjoyed learning some new things about the country music I love.  Emma got her picture taken with Miranda Lambert's pink mic but I forgot to download it.  I could so see her singing on stage some day.  Dream big sweet girl, dream big!!
 Museum fun
 Since we had already paid a whole lot of money to park downtown, we carried the kids several blocks to try out the Old Spaghetti Factory for an early dinner.  We had hoped to eat in the train but it was full so we sat near it.  The kids ate really good and thought it was neat to get ice cream at the end of the meal.  Emma had vanilla of course and Taylor spumoni and really liked it:)  He is so silly.  
We walked the riverfront area afterwards and even went into a candy shop and let them get some candy.  They thought that was cool.  By the time we got back to the car, through all the wannabe cowboys:)  We were all tired!  Poor Taylor dozed off in the car and dropped his sucker and cried for five minutes.  It was a fun day, full of memories and new friends!!

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