Friday, March 2, 2012

You know you are a special needs mom....

So today the weather is suppose to get really bad with possible twisters.  To get prepared I am cleaning the laudry room floor out for us to get in there and putting a few items to have as well.  I first packed a basket with a few diapers, snacks and small toys.  Then, I started thinking about worse case scenes.  So, as a parent with a child with special needs I packed another basket to put on a shelf.  In this basket went: her hearing aid bag with her supplies, extra batteries for her aids, a pack of diapers for both, wipes, all of our family medicines in plastic bags, her comfort item, and any emergency meds that we might need that we do not use often.  I also have lots of water filled up since Emma requires lots of water.  Luckily Taylor still nurses so he will be fine. 

Praying today does not get bad, but prepared if it does.  Emma is at school right now, wearing her Snow White costume for book character day today.  Hoping she is having a good time and is safe within her amazing school.  We might be picking her up early though just to be safe.

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