Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Few New First Time Adventures!

Taylor is constantly changing and growing right now.  The other day he had two new first time adventures !  He used crayons on paper for the first time, which I am thrilled to start encouraging another budding artisit.  Then, that same afternoon he started to pull to stand over and over again.  He had done it a few other times, but now he is doing it all the time!!  Who knew that if I sat up the water table and took him out, he would get so excited and decide enough was enough with sitting all the time:)  Now my world has been rocked with him getting into more and more, but I think it is so stinkin cute to watch him get up on his chubby little legs.  (Oh his standing also lead to his first black eye, when he fell on the cup he was trying to drag around)

Busy week full of fun!  Enjoy a few photos of these special moments:

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DebbieDoesCreations said...

Love water play! Feel free to stop by my blog today. You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award :)