Sunday, March 11, 2012

A year ago today....

A year ago today, I was staring at this precious new face through my tired eyes, but already so much in love with him my heart was bursting.  I remember staring at him in my husband's arms from my hopital bed and forgetting all about the pain of the surgery, the being away from Emma longer then I ever had been before and how tired I was from being at the hospital so early that morning.  I had been waiting on him for 41 count them 41 long weeks and he was finally here!  My Son was finally in my arms and I was just amazed.  He was perfect, he was mine, and I thank God everyday for him.

Today I watched as he crawled around the house inside and outside on his little knees, laughing and playing while we celebrated his first birthday.  My little tiny baby boy, is now a toddler, but I love him just the same if not more.  He is such a happy, loving boy, who loves to laugh and play all day long.  He has brought so much joy into our house and lives and I pray that as he continues to grow older, that he continues to be such a happy, fun loving child.  I look forward to what the next year brings as he learns to talk, walk and grows.  I just pray it finally will bring teeth, since at one he is still toothless.

We had a great birthday despite him hating the cake and wanting goldfish instead.  The weather was perfect and we played outside in the freshly mowed grass.  My sweet boy was surrended by family who loves and supports him and it was just a wonderful day.  Owl Be One! was a fun theme and I loved making all his decorations and yummy treats!  Thank you pinterest for the help:) 

I am so tired so I leave you with just some snapshots from the day.  Tomorrow we go to the doctor for his one year check up so I will post stats etc then.  So for tonight, I will marvel at how fast the year has gone and enjoy the look back at the last 365 days on my camera.  I hope you all enjoy his pics from his special king of the day moment!

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