Wednesday, March 21, 2012

 A dear real life friend of mine, who writes an amazing blog you can visit here recently wrote this on her blog:  I was recently nominated for a 3-in-1 blog award by Kristen at Let Life in Practices. Her blog is very inspiring and you should check it out when you get a chance. I am humbled that she finds my blog interesting enough to read each day! Kristen’s words are not only soothing to read, but her life lessons will make you stop and reflect on the choices and attitudes you choose each day. I thank you so much, Kristen, for offering this award to me!  As part of the award, I will list seven facts about me and then pass the award onto seven others.

 I am one of the seven she choose to pass the award onto and I am so humbled and honored that she finds my ramblings of importance.  I write my blog to hopefully help other's who might not have the easiest roads to ride when it comes to parenting and recently I have started showing, my way of dealing with the hard stuff of parenting one special needs child, my crafty creations as well. 

So here are seven things about me

1.  I have two blessings in my life that take the shape of children.  My oldest is almost six and has mulitple medical and special needs.  She keeps us very busy and despite all her hardships is a constant joy and miracle in our lives.  My youngest just turned one and is taking his first steps into walking and standing, and that is adding a whole new level of craziness in our house.

2.  I have a degree in K-8 teaching but became a stay-at-home-mom five years ago.  I currently work a few days a month at a local one room library which brings me so much joy.  I love love books!!

3.  I love to craft and love nothing better then making something for my house or my kids in the few quiet moments when the kids are sleeping.  Pinterest has become my therapy:)  I work out my frustrations of raising a special needs child by creating something new.

4.  I secretly want to be a children's book writer.

5.  I love anything salty and good.  Chips and salsa are my downfall especially with a diet coke!

6.  I do not pump my own gas.  I know weird but true.  My hubby drives my car on the weekends since it is the only car with air and that will hold our two kids in carseats and he fills it up then.  I have only pumped gas about two times in my life.  Yep I am spoiled:)

7.  Life might not have turned out like I dreamed, but I love my life anyway.  God has a plan and He is in control.  I praise Him in every storm we face (and we have been through many)!  His plan is better then mine.

Check out these other blogs:

1.Days with Abby is a blog my wonderful cousin writes about her cutie pie Abby.

2.Debbie is a great friend of mine that recently started blogging about the wonderful creations she makes.  Check out her cool new blog.

3.  I Can Teach My Child is my go to blog to find activities for both my children that are amazing and easy to do.

4.  Coupn Help! This blog is done by a blog friend that will help you safe money and get great freebies in your mailbox.  As SAHM we need all the help we can get.

5. Black and White and Loved all Over is written by a high school friend and tells the story of her creativity and her raising her amazing daughter.  She inspires me often!

6.  Cooper is done by a new friend.  She tells her story of raising her own two sons.  One with Downs.  He is a classmate of Emma's and they are such close friends.  I am thankful for them in our life.

7.  Green living is a new blog I am following by a friend from Emma's dance class.  I strive to become more green as I learn more about how it will help my kiddos.

Thank you Lauren for thinking of me and I hope all of you enjoy all the blogs I shared!


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