Monday, March 19, 2012

Naptime Creations

Sometimes while the cute little one picture above is napping in the morning I clean, sometime I admit I nap or read a book in the quiet, but sometimes I just have to make something.  Those days I try to work on a project that does not take long but will spruce up the house or make one of the kiddos happy.  I call these days Naptime Creation Days!
The other day was one of those days and I decided to make a cute bunny backside bunting to go on my windows for Easter.  I had started this project at one of my wonderful Pinterest MNO's but did not get finished.  So out my gluegun came and I got to work.  It took no time at all since I already had cut out my bunnies and just needed to glue on the cottonball tails and glue them to the dollar bin ribbon my Emma had picked out at Michael's.  I think it is so cute and makes me smile to see it hanging.  The kiddos think it is funny too so I think it is a win!

 Close up picture of the scrapbook page bunnies I cut out using a template I made myself.  Then just glue on a cottonball to make the cute tails.
Glue onto ribbon of your choice and hang where you want it!

Naptime creation!!! 


Trennia said...

That is adorable!

DebbieDoesCreations said...

Those are stinkin cute! Thanks so much girl for linking up :) So glad you are blogging about the awesome stuff you do. I heart you :)

Cherished Handmade Treasures said...

Cute! New GFC follower stopping by from the toot your horn Tuesday hop. I co-host the Creative Corner Hop every Monday. Feel free to come and link up. It is open all week.

Cherished Handmade Treasures

Hiking Mama said...

Love it!!