Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Annoying; Taking Taylor for his one year check up

The good:Yesterday was T's one year check up.  I went alone thinking no big deal, I was ready for the screaming when it came shot time etc.  T and me got up, ate breakfast and got ready to go.  It was a pretty easy morning.  T weighs in at 22.3 oz, is 30 inches tall and has a head size of 18.6 inches.  Not to bad, he has lost some weight due to illness (more on that in the bad section).  He was not a fan of the doctor but all in all did a great job.  We were told to go ahead with whole milk, which we will start trying today.  I am sad for this, since I love love to nurse but my supply is dwindling so on to whole milk we will go slowly. 

The Bad:
Now, I will say I waited way way to long for this check up.  Over thirty minutes in the room, with a wiggling naked one year old.  Not so fun, he wanted down to crawl so bad, and I being silly did not bring many toys, we never have to wait long for check ups.  When, the doctor finally came in, I mentioned a few times that he still has a runny nose and it has been over a month of this.  He thought nothing of it, since he checked out fine at the quick glance he was given.  (barely looked in ears).  I mentioned it a few more times and he finally heard me, and decided to lay T down to look into his ears better, well duh we have another ear infection.  Thank you for listening!!  So on to round three of meds to get this cleared up.

The Annoying:
If I had not kept mentioning the nose thing he would not have looked closer and missed his infection.  This makes me so mad, hello do you forget that I have a child with hearing loss!!  Which more then likely was from missed ear infections!  He did say we should bring him in with any signs of runny nose etc, since T does not run a fever or pull on his ears with infections.  Finally you listen and remember grrrrrrr!!!!!

This mommy wishes that doctors would listen closer and remember that each child is important and unique!  Do not blow a mom off when they have concerns, I am normally about 85% right when it comes to medical issues with my kids.  I call it my special needs MD schooling. 

Luckily T is happy and likes his new medicine and is taking it much easier then the last set.  He is growing and changing so much and I am loving every minute!

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kate said...

totally get your frustations with the docs. with my own medical needs i have a few doctors that i feel don't listen to me. it is so annoying. you are not stupid you know your kid better than anyone else.