Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Special Needs Egg Hunt

Every year we have to make a hard choice, allow Emma to go to regular egg hunts where she could easily get very hurt or not take her to egg hunts besides at family or friends houses?  Emma loves to hunt eggs and when she was little we were allowed to go inside most hunts, and then she turned five and that changed.  So for the last few years we host our own and help her out.  Emma if you are not aware struggles to bend down and reach items off the ground, it is a real struggle to do this movement, she is easily knocked over or ran over by bigger kids, and she is honestly just not able to keep up with kids her own age.

This year, thanks to a Facebook post on a local parenting page I follow, I found a special needs hunt.  It was a bit of a drive from our house, but totally worth it!!  We even had good friends bring there four kids, which was fun to have friends to play with as well.  The hunt was at a park, a huge park, a really cool park about forty five minutes away.  A church near there hosted it and had lots of helpers and things to do for the kids.  They had Easter Egg hunts for all the ages, and for visual and physically challenged kids.  Then, there was a petting zoo, games, bouncy houses and slides, the Easter bunny was there for photos and high fives, they had snacks and bubbles too.  Then there was all the playground area to play on at the park part.  My kids played almost on hour on the playground. It was so cool!!

It was fun and relaxing to be surrounding by loving volunteers and other families who understand the daily struggles of raising a child with special needs.  It was just a fun afternoon!!

Great memories!  Thankful for those who think of the children who need a little extra help to be a part of certain holiday traditions.  This mommy's heart is still full and smiling from the time spent having fun and playing in a safe place for my precious children.  

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