Sunday, March 8, 2015

What we hope was the last snow pics!!

Wednesday we got almost four inches of snow overnight, we woke up to no school on Thursday and a winter wonderland.  Yes it was already March but we got the most snow we have had in four years I think they said!  It was a soft powdery snow and oh so pretty!  We headed out to play!!

 It was a lot of fun on Thursday despite the cold.  On Friday we also got to play in the snow as it started to melt.  It was much better to pack and build a snowman.  Which we did and it was cute!  However, I don't have any pictures of that but on my phone and I forgot to download them to the computer.  Oh well just know it was so cute.  My son did cry when it melted away on Saturday. We also did a lot of painting on Friday and it was a creative blast!!!!

So, we hope this week we attend school all week!  It has been over three weeks since that has happened.  I am ready for a few days of no snow and school back in session!!

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