Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break

For the last week, Emma has been on Spring break.  It has been a fun filled week and lots of memories were made.  I am actually kind of sad to see it end.  It has been a lot of fun to have her around all day long.  Taylor however, maybe happy to see her go back to school since she was a little bossy with him:)

We were blessed with three beautiful days last week weather wise and spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday outside. On Monday we met my sister in law and her one year old at our zoo.  We spent five hours having fun with all the animals.

 Still cant believe we are never in the kangaroo area when they are the walkway and you can touch them.  But it is cool to walk around and be so close to them.  

 The boys loved the petting zoo area!

 Emma loved the playground area, we stayed there for a little while, till I got to nervous with all the bigger kids running crazy.  It was a really fun day with all of my family and Auntie Jenn and Kendrick with us.

Tuesday we went to art at Cheekwood and saw some of the blooming flowers.  There was a whole field of buttercups where I took a ton of photos.  My mom, or Meme as she is known now, also came with us for a fun field day at the gardens.
Love this photo of my mom and Emma!!

 Boy on the run!
 Yes I was there too!

 After lunch out and a nap, we headed to my parents house and found their cousin Hudson for some more outside fun.  The kids love playing together and my parents have a great yard to run around in and have fun!!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the kids went to Nana's for some fun with them.  While mommy and daddy painted the kitchen and cleaned out somethings.  It was a nice break for us as parents and the kids had a blast.  They got to go to the Rainforest cafe, Emma got her nails done with her Aunt and got to eat Mexican with her, they went to McDonald's and had lunch and got to play in the indoor playground, did art and played playdoh, and got to play with Tristan and Kendrick while there.  (two cousins)  Mommy and daddy had two date nights and got a lot done as well.  Plus, we got sleep!!!  

Saturday Emma had soccer, Sunday we had church, and then we went to a cool Easter Egg Hunt I will write about tomorrow.  Today we played with friends most of the morning.  Now the kids are asleep and I am bracing myself for a few rough mornings of having to get up and going early!  Summer is only nine weeks away I keep saying to myself!!!

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