Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taylor time

 In less then a week, my sweet little boy will turn 4!  Boy has time flown by!  So, after a crazy two weeks full of sleet, snow and a crazy mixed up schedule, we got to spend a whole day just us too!  We headed to one of our favorite places, Cheekwood and explored in the mud for two hours!  It was a great morning with my growing boy!  I love listening to him talk, explore and have fun!!! 

Taylor loves to watch the trains that are on display outside the art building!  He would stay here all day if I let him.
 We explored so many areas we really do not normally explore.  Taylor really liked this cool circle thing her called it.  We found it in one of the many gardens.
 We took turns being the little pig and being the wolf, as we played in the stick houses.  He giggles so hard he fell down running away from mommy wolf:)  
 He loves the cool sculpture trail we found a few months ago, it has many cool things to look at and find in the woods.  We have never seen this display and we are still not sure what it was at one point, it had some crumbled and fallen down parts.  Taylor really thought the logs were neat.  
 My favorite part is the glass bridge about half way on the trail.  I want to bring Emma back to take pictures on this bridge!

 He loves me still and I will savor each moment that he still thinks that mommy is the best girl around.  He kept saying "I love you mommy" all day.  He loves to spend one on one time. 
 The art lesson was making a tree, and he did a great job coloring flowers and showing me where to put them on the tree we molded together.  
 Riding the turtle on the trail
Taylor got his free kids meal from Zaxby's kids club in the mail over the last weekend, so we ate there on the way home.  He liked that we got to sit in one of the two person booths.  We both had a yummy lunch.  Taylor told me "thank you" on the way out to the car.  It melted my heart that he said such sweet words.  
After all the walking in the mud, the art and the yummy lunch, we all took a long nap!!  

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