Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy Said There Would be Days Like This....

Oh how I dream of being a parent who walks into an appt for testing, or anything really, that goes the way it is suppose to.  Really is that too much to ask for, not only for my own sanity but for the mental health of my sweet little girl??

Today we went in for a CT scan on her belly, it was suppose to be a quick IV placement for the contrast and in for the short test.  Haha! Not!  Instead it was, three nurses (one being called down from IV specialist), four warming packs, five bandaids, three tries, and lots of sweat and tears and yelling.  Thankful for the child life women named Sarah who helped do all she could to keep Emma calm during the hour it took to get the IV she needed for the ten minute test.  We really did enjoy the making cookies and making cupcake app on her Ipad:)  Mommy especially!  Boy I wish we had one!

After all that and being oven an hour late to the appt to hear about the scan results,we asked them to allow the nurse at Urology to take the IV out (had to be left in for twenty minutes incase of reaction to the contrast) instead of returning to the preop area to wait.  We hurried upstairs to urology praying that had not gone to lunch.  Luckily they had not and saw us instead of us having to wait even longer for the lunch break to be over.

The results did not give us any answers so we now wait for our doctor to talk to another specialist and see what the next step is we will take.  We are basically done looking for normal quick answers and are looking for the not so normal answers, duh have you meet my child who defies all odds at every turn.

So, all in all today sucked to be brutally honest.  Emma was so brave though and bounced back pretty quick from it all.  I am so amazed at her daily!! 

We went to play at Meme's and to pick Taylor up there.  The afternoon was full of healing laughter, well till the wasp attack on Emma and daddy.

So to recapp the day, four holes in Emma (three from IV placement and one from a wasp), one wasp sting on daddy, and no answers at all.

yep bedtime! Tomorrow is another day!

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DZ said...

At least we know there is nothing abnormal in her belly.