Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A splashing good time!

Emma is in love with jumping in puddles anytime she can!  We head outside our house to the road (I know I promise we watch them very closely and stand on the outside of them and move them when cars come), and jump in the two large puddles right by our driveway.  Emma and Taylor run and run through them and she jumps and jumps!  It is so cute and so fun to watch!  Taylor also loves to get down and splash his hands in the water.  Luckily they both have water shoes that still fit and we just wear play clothes to play in the water.  Then, we close the garage door and get them undressed and go right into their bathroom to take a bath.  Anyway, I thought I would share some cute photos of them playing in the water for you to enjoy. 

 Yes she added her black jazz skirt from ballet and her crown to her outfit for her splashing fun!
 He has his paci because he had just fallen in the driveway!
 On a mission
 Bringing the 80's back
 a friend came and joined us for some water fun!
 After a quick bath we had a short movie night with popcorn!
 Taylor was getting sleepy but loves popcorn
I look a mess but we had been chillin at home all afternoon and I was in my comfy outfits!

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