Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

The struggles we are currently facing have been weighing heavy, but I know I am not alone in this valley.  God is in control, and though I do not know where or when this valley will end, I know it will end and I will praise God through this storm!  So, for today's post I am just saying I am thankful!  God has blessed me so much and that is where I will dwell today. 

I hope you enjoy some photos of what I am thankful for today.
 I praise God daily, that I got to see my newest Brother-In-Law's baptism a few weeks ago. So cool!!
 That on the same day my sweet Nephew joined his new dad in the baptism pool.  Special moment!
 That Emma has joined Daisy and is in it with her good friend Kadence and one of my best friend's Ms. Jessica is one of her leaders.
 Thankful that her other Daisy leader is Ms. Amy another good friend and her daughter Savanah is also in the troop.
 What can I say this boy amazes me daily and makes me smile no matter whatelse is going on.
 Still thank God all most hourly that this angel learned to walk and now runs and skips and dances!
I am forever thankful that my broken road lead to this wonderful man!  He is an amazing father and husband and I do not tell him that nearly enough.

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