Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So sorry to be MIA for a while, but to be honest life has been a tad bit out of control and I am needing the break to just try to hold it together.  I hear Dora's voice from Nemo in my head most days telling me to "just keep swimming". 

School started and with the week leading up to it, brought about a new concern on Emma's health that lead to two weeks of many doctor visits and no answers.  We are still on a quest to find answers with more testing taking place this Thursday.  I will share more about all of that later.  The stress of unknown medical issues is weighing heavy on all of us and especially sweet Emma.  She is feeling so tired and very emotional as her body is trying to deal with whatever is going on. 

School started and with it a new adventure in Inclusion classroom! We are so proud, but so stressed as we learn how to deal with a full inclusion room with her IEP support coming in and out and her going in and out for some of the day.  I am currently trying to juggle two regular education teachers, one special ed teacher, three therapist and a parapro or two on top of her special area teachers.  So, I am trying to work through all the craziness and make sure she is getting what she needs and trying not to get upset with all the goings on so far this year.  Just keep swimming swimming and swimming!  Things will smooth out as the year goes on and everyone learns what is happening. 

Emma joined a local girl scout troop and we had their first meeting last week.  So happy to have her be a Daisy scout.  I was one many years ago.  Looking forward to many trips and adventures with her great new troop.  We joined a troop from where I am from, about ten minutes from our house.  We could have joined at her school, but I honestly needed a troop I knew could support and love Emma for who she is.  So, her troop leaders are friends and church members at our church.  They are so sweet and so very supportive of us joining in.  I am praying this will be a great outlet for Emma to make good and godly friends, who love her and help her to be the best she can.  

Emma has been very sick for the last four days and is finally fever free and going back to school.  She spent two and half days running a very very high fever and being very weak.  But the massive shot they gave her seems to be helping and she was much much better today.  we are all tired and glad she is feeling better and hopefully sleeping much better tonight as well.  Waking to her screaming from her bed since she was too weak to walk for three days has taken years off my life. 

Taylor is doing well and loving life.  He is coming more and more into his own and I am loving watching him grow and learn.  It is a new experience for us to watch this unfold and we are so proud of him.  Today he helped me put away his clothes and put clothes into the washer.  So cute! 

Hopefully life is calming down and we will soon understand the mystery that is confusing us currently when it comes to Emma's health.  Please fogive my absence and know I will try to do better on updating.  Thanks for reading my blog and God Bless!

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