Monday, August 6, 2012

Two New Goals

The other day I got out my pictures from when I joined the Cross Country Team at College, I only ran for one season and spent one season injured and helping coach and support the team, but it was a wonderful part of my college experience.  (it also lead me to meet my wonderful hubby).  I got the pictures out after hearing about a current team member for LU that had been killed in a car crash.  I walked down memory lane reflecting on the dear team members and how hard it must be on the current young teammates dealing with such a tragic death.  So, after looking and laughing at the photos, I decided to post a few on FB to show those I am friends with on FB the great times we had back then.  It turned into a little mini reunion with all of us commenting and laughing at the few ones I put on FB. 

Here are those photos:

 The boys team
 Us girls all dressed up for a dinner trip
The first team I ran with
The second group of wonderful ladies I ran with

So anyway, after looking at these photos and realizing how fit and healthy I was, I took a hard look at my current lifestyle and found it lacking.  I no longer run the hours I use to (nor could I probably run three hours a day but who knows), I dont lift weights, I dont try to eat healthy, and I dont drink enough water.  With that said, I decide this morning to hit the gym again.  Today I went to the Y and worked out a bit with Daniel, and I took two shorts walks at home today as well.  I tried to increase my water and tried to not eat cookies all day.  I also took a scary step and stepped on a scale, I know gasp!!  I do not like the number that is on that for sure. 

I have decided to make two goals when it comes to my health:
1. I want to drop the baby weight still lingering and get back to first what I weighed before I got pregnant with Emma and then we will see how much more after that.  That will be about a 15 lbs drop for me.
2.  I will make myself work out in some way at least four days a week.  Either hit the gym or do some stuff at home to get my butt off the couch and moving. 

So there you have it! I wrote it down and now I must accomplish these goals, not just for me but for my family.  I healthy mom is a happy mom! 

Thanks for listening

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DZ said...

I love you and want to support you in every way I can.