Sunday, August 5, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern,

If a special needs mom calls your office and tells you more then once that her daughter's health has changed and they are worried, maybe you should listen.  Why?  She is never wrong!  Proven more then once that this special needs mom know's her daughter and her body and I have never been wrong about her health.

Does it really take six hours, and two phone calls from the primary doctor to get you to finally listen?!  Oh wait you still did not listen and the primary doc sent us for an ultrasound the next morning.  After six years of great care, I am currently upset with a staff that has done more then four surgeries on my daughter.  Yes, they will be getting a nice talking to when we finally see them. 

If you are working a walk in clinic at a place that services both children and adults, then you should be able to work with children.  Not be afraid of them, act like you have no brain and mess up the hearing aids more then when we first came in.  (bad experience on trying the new walk in clinic for Emma's hearing aids, we have a new appt with a qualified person on Wednesday).  Luckily this mom paid attention to the qualified people when they should me how to fix her tubing and she fixed the one you caused a huge hole to form.

Our daughter is so brave and fearless, she started Kindergarten with no tears or fits.  She walked right in and sat down and go to work on her playdoh.  She is already singing new songs from class.  She also went in for an ultrasound and did not move or make a peep the whole time.  She just laid there.  So brave!  She also has lived with two kidney's full of stones and not really complained.  Hoping to make that better asap!

Lastly, if this week is as bad as last week, this mom might just hitchike to a beach somewhere.
That is all,
A very tired and stressed Special needs mom

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Edna said...

I'm sorry! That absolutely stinks and I hope that your day today was better! I just hate it when people don't listen :-(.