Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First day of Kindergarten!

Today was a major day in my sweet little girls life, she started Kindergarten.  Despite her age she is still the tiny blond in the hall, but that did not stop her.  She put on her backpack and walked down that hall like she owned it.  She even remembered where her room was and did not cry when she got there.  I did not either for the record!  Her teacher's name is Ms. Stewart and she is sweet as can be.  Emma has another little friend also in her room that was in her class last year and a friend from church as well.  She misses her other friends from last year (especially Weston and little Cooper) but she saw a few outside at recess and was thrilled.  She is also a little confused on when she can have Ms. Riley in her room again, but luckily Ms. Riley came out and set with her during car rider and helped her get to us today, made Emma's afternoon to sit and talk to her teacher from last year.  With time she will adjust I am sure.

Things are a little confusing as we continue to work with all her many therapist and teachers that make up her IEP team, but trying to be patient as school gets underway.  Luckily a few have been working hard to listen to her needs and adjust what needs adjusting to help Emma do well this year.  It is a whole new ballgame with her IEP and how things are being done and we are all learning and trying to make it all work together for good. 

Today was a great day and I will let you see it in pictures now:

 Here is Emma yesterday when we went to meet her new teacher, she had to take her backpack!
 Outside her new room!
 Checking out the lockers with Taylor!
 Emma, her new teacher and her buddy!
 This morning holding her sign and wearing her uniform (thanks Meme and Papa for the new ones)
 So proud of her!
 Loves her new backpack!
 Worried about how far we had to park to get into the school.  We parked in front of a bookstore nearby.  She was confused!
 Our "walk" to school due to all the parents helping kids inside.
 Bye Mom!  Yep she walked right in and was ready to go.  She was a little nervous but ready to go!
 Going in to play with playdoh
 Taylor eating his muffin with us at the Boohoo breakfast!
Taylor wondering where sissy go!  He had a hard day without her, but I think he will like more time with mommy once he gets use to it.

We ended the day with a trip to eat tacos and cheese chip and talked about school.  It was amazing to hear her tell us about her day with very little prompting, that is just amazing.  It has been a year since she got her miracle aids.  So as I sat in the car and listened to her be able to really tell us details and so much information, I just thanked God for those amazing things!  What a difference a year makes!

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