Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Climb

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook News feed and I saw this picture of Emma pop up.  It was a flyer for another adaptive climbing clinic with the awesome Catalyst Athletes.  I quickly found out the date and signed Emma up for a fun morning of climbing with people who could help her be successful.  She was so excited to get to climb again with some friends and make some new friends as well. 

We headed an hour away to the climbing gym and Emma happily geared up to start climbing.  She was so excited that a few of the helpers from the last climb were there and quickly paired back up with one of the ladies named Lauren for her first climb.  What was really nice for this climb was that there were a lot of helpers and most of her climbs she had to helpers on the wall by her to encourage and guide her as needed.  Emma loved the attention!!

 Taylor played in the rocks while sissy climbed and climbed and climbed!

 laughing and giving fives on the wall!
 hanging of the wall for a much needed leg break.  I think this was about her fifth or sixth climb that day.  They were trying to get her to go higher but Emma wouldn't budge.  

 This smile says it all!  This group helping and allowing her to climb gives her so much confidence and joy.  She was all smiles all morning.  She really loved it because she meet another girl there who wore two cochlear implants and they were excited to see someone like them who wore Cochlears.  They cheered each other on and gave smiles and encouragement all day to each other.  Sweet moments!!
 Sometimes you just need a helpful boost:)  
 Taylor was ready for lunch!!
I am so thankful for groups that reach out towards adults and kids who need a helping hand to experience things like rock climbing etc.  The three hours she got to hang out, climb and work on her physical strength means a lot of all of us.  It helps build her muscles, her confidence in trying new and hard things, and her self worth as well.  To me as a mom, I get to see her push herself and I get to see her smile and laugh!!  Her life is not always full of things to bring her smiles so when things make her smile it warms my heart.  She may have to work twice or three times as hard to do something but with the right support there is no climb to high to try!!

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