Sunday, January 11, 2015

New additions to the family

This weekend our family grew by four!  We are proud to announce the addition of Butterfly, Blue Fish, Leonardo and Anna Elsa Bear. 

As you can see we have had fun the last few days.  The kids were give those cool teddy bear tanks and a Petco gift card by their Aunt Nay and Uncle Bob.  They got them for Christmas but we had not had time to set up the tanks and go get the fish.  Friday Daddy had to work late, and I decided to bite the bullet and get the fish.  The kids loved picking out their first ever pet.  They keep checking on them and talking to them.  Taylor's is Blue Fish and he named it that because it was well blue.  Emma wanted her fish to be named Butterfly because she loves butterflies.  Her fish is a pretty bold red.  So far both fish seem happy in their furry tanks:)  I just pray they live a while!!

On Saturday we headed to a local shopping center.  We rarely go to mall they make me crazy with crowds)  But Emma needed new shoes, and Stride Rite has the best selection for her tiny feet.  Since one of her shoes has to have a lift added we have to have a certain type for it to work.  Also, even at her age she still wears toddler sizes.  We happily found two cute pairs on clearance and Taylor found a cool pair of light up Star Wars shoes.  Then, they both earned free kids meal to the Aquarium restaurant and we decided to go for our first meal there.  The kids were in heaven sitting by the huge salt water tank.  
Here they are by the tank with the diver who was cleaning the inside.  We ordered and walked around and around the tank while we waited.  It was really cool!  The kids kept seeing new fish and I loved watching them so excited.  I also really enjoyed seeing the tank.  It was really cool.

After our cool lunch, we headed to use our last gift cards of the Christmas Season, Yep Build A Bear!  Aunt Nay and Uncle Bob also gave them Build a Bear cards so the kids could build their own animal.  Emma went a few years ago with Aunt Nay, but Taylor has never been.  He was in heaven.  He quickly picked his TMNT and Emma decided to get the purple Anna doll.  She opted for the Frozen PJ's, I later found out, because she didn't want to be like the girl she saw who had on the Anna dress.  Sweet girl, we did decided we could go back and get the Anna dress later if she wanted.  Both kids really had fun, stuffing, brushing and dressing their new friends.  I loved watching the smiles and hugs!!  

So, our family had grown by four and my heart grew larger with happy memories with the kids and my hubby.  Thanks Aunt Nay and Uncle Bob for all the fun this weekend.  And may the fish live long and prosper!!

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