Monday, January 19, 2015

Warm Winter Days

After the bitter cold of the last few weeks, having a few days above fifty has been amazing.  We have spent a lot of time outside soaking up the vitamin D and breathing in clean air.  It has been a nice break from the cold!!!

I will say that today I took the kids on a short hike together.  I teared up on the hike however, thinking back on how for the first five years of Emma's life I did not think I would ever see the day that she would be running and walking down a trail. She got tired but she was so happy to be out and hiking together.  I was thanking God the whole time for her ability to go a hike in the warm sunshine.  God is good!!  Sometimes when things are hard and I am stressed and tired, I forget to look back at how far she has come.  Today I was reminded just how far she has come and it renewed my spirit.  

I am thankful to be a mom to two amazing kids who daily teach me to live life to the fullest!  Thankful to be the mom of two miracles!!  

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