Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lavender and Chocolate

Tonight I am thankful for lavender and chocolate!

It is has been that kind of day!  I used lavender bubble bath, lit my new lavender candle in the room she went to sleep in and used lavender oil on Emma tonight.  Poor girl has had a rough day!  We went in this morning to have what we thought was going to be one of three or four dental procedures she has needed done for a while.  They had been postponed due to her ear surgeries.  Today was suppose to be the start of working on her back teeth that are not hardening like they should due to either genetic issues or medicines she has been on.  So, Emma and I headed to the office, she took the "happy" juice and after a wait, she was taken back.

I settled in with my book and my water to wait what I thought would be about two hours or so.  About thirty or forty-five minutes later, they brought Emma back out.  She was still loopy but done.  I was a little confused, till the nurse informed us that they had to stop.  Emma was too upset to continue with just the twilight meds.  Emma was nervous and stressed when we got there and I was afraid it would not go well.  I was right!  I know my child.

So, we set up a visit to our favorite children's hospital to complete this dental work in the Operating Room there.  This will be done in May.  I am thrilled because they can do all the work in one OR visit instead of many trips in the office.  Emma's dentist came out and apologized and felt so bad, but reported she was not calming down and they did not want to traumatize her.

Home I returned with a loopy little girl with a numb mouth.  I would like to report she slept all morning and woke up happy.  But that is not how the day went.  She of course gets cranky and moody on that medicine.  (which is why we do not use it unless we have too at the hospital).  Emma spent the rest of today struggling with her emotions and her feelings.  Which meant mommy and Tay did as well!  She did get a short nap in which briefly helped and so did visiting Meme and Papa for a while.

Lavender, yep lavender was my weapon I pulled out of my arsenal tonight in hopes of calming her into a restful sleep tonight.  I hope it helps calm her and ease the stress today put her under.  I pray she wakes tomorrow and is back to her happy self.

I hate that this stressed her so much and I hate that the stress will be prolonged due to such a far out OR visit.  (first they had open)  She is a hero to me in so many ways.  She has faced over 19 surgeries or major tests in her short life.  She handles it the best she can and always gives us sweet smiles and hugs at the end of the day.  May God give her the peaceful sleep her body needs tonight.

It was lavender for my sweet girl, but for me it is going to be the huge chocolate brownie I am about to warm up and eat!!

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