Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Good Weekend

I love to find fun inexpensive things to do with my family on the weekend.  This weekend we got to do several of our favorites and most were free!  That makes it even better for the wallet:)

Saturday we headed to the closest Home Depot for the once a month kids workshops the hold.  This month both kids made little Valentine's pots.  They turned out so cute!  Emma decided to give hers to her Meme and after painted it put two flowered kitchen clothes in it.  It is a tiny pot and we opted to not do flowers. We had to actually give the gift to Meme today, because Emma could not wait. Taylor wants to keep his and put chocolates in it.  He is my sweet tooth kid for sure!  After, that fun adventure, we went to one of our favorite pizza places and ate lunch with my mom and dad.  The kids love this place because it has a few little arcade type of games in a back room.  We like it because the food is good:)  After refueling on yummy pizza, we got back into the car and headed to the awesome newly rebuilt local library.  This is an amazing new building!  The kids wanted to show daddy the new kids area since we normally go during the week when he is at work.  We spent an hour looking at all the new books, checking out huge stacks, and playing with all the cool toys they have out.  Yep toys!  This place has a huge tinker toy set that is massive, computers, train tables, and lots of little reading nooks to sit down in.  We love it and spend a lot of time there.

After, all that fun Daddy needed to rest his hurt back, but the kids wanted to play outside.  The weather was so pretty we went on a hike at our favorite place Hidden Lake by our house.  It was a perfect little outing with the kids.  We of course missed daddy!  Then, we came home and played outside about two more hours.  It was a glorious day all around!  Taylor was so tired he fell asleep on the couch watching TV while I cooked dinner.  Poor thing!  I was able to wake him up for dinner and a bath.

Today we attended church, ate lunch with Daniel's parents and took a long afternoon nap.  My favorite part of the day:) I love that Emma likes to fall asleep for a nap holding my hand!  I will take it, she will not want to do that much longer I am sure.  After nap we worked on Valentines for her class and ate breakfast for dinner.

Now the kids are tucked in for a night of rest before a busy fun week!!  I should go and join them in slumber land!  It was a fun weekend!  Always on the lookout for family fun on a budget!

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