Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mommy took the Weekend Off

This past weekend mommy took the weekend off and was replaced with Rachel.  Once a year I join a group of wonderful ladies to attend a Women of Faith conference.  This year we went to Indiana and had a blast.  18 women left their families and spent three days pouring into themselves.  It was amazing!  

Every year it gets a tiny bit easier to leave my kiddos and husband.  I did have a minor panic attack, which our wonderful group leader talked me down.  Daniel was ready and very able to care for the kids and they had a great weekend.  I am not sure the kids really even missed me.  It might helped that they went to Red Robin for dinner, Nana's for dinner and went to Lowe's to make a firetruck.  I did not get even one text with a complaint of question.  My hubby rocks!!

The speakers at the conference were amazing this year.  I took away a lot of very good points and really filled up my spiritual tank to way full!  The worship parts are my favorites.  Nothing like 9,000 women singing praise to the Lord, especially when Natalie Grant and Matthew West help lead them!!!  Those two stars were amazing!!  I would go into more awesome details about the conference, but it might get boring. So, just know it was amazing and worth sitting in an arena for two days.

We stayed downtown right by the arena and that was really neat.  The hotel we stayed at was an old sugar factory and was beautiful and clean.  I shared with two very good friends and we really enjoyed our time together.  It was really fun to be downtown and be able to walk wherever we wanted.  We walked to a few places to eat, a four story mall was right there and we walked to our arena.  Saved us a lot of time and it was a pretty downtown area to walk around!!  I will take many memories away from our time downtown.  

Rachel really enjoyed her time with her friends and made a few new ones as well.  I really enjoyed getting to go to the bathroom alone and I even got to sleep in a bed alone.  That was a huge bonus:)  I hope you enjoy a few photos of my great weekend with some amazing Godly women!

Mommy returned tired but full of joy and peace on Sunday afternoon.  The kids were thrilled, but no more thrilled then my tired hubby.  He rocked it but it is much easier to parent with two parents:)

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