Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Book Review

This pretty little book was delivered to my doorsteps and I immediately feel in love with it.  I have been looking for a small devotional book to carry with me.  I am constantly on the go with the kids and life, and I wanted a book I could throw in my bag and bring it out in the rare quiet moments I find.  This little purple book fits the bill.  IT is so pretty and so sweet and makes you want to open the cover and find out what is inside.  

Like I said I feel in love with the pretty book, but after opening it up, I really feel in love for it.  It is a well written devotional that speaks to the heart of moms everywhere.  I start my days at a run and end them late into the night.  So, I am looking for something that can mean something to my soul and not take up all day to read and understand.  This little purple book fits that so well.  They are heartfelt prayers that speak to the very core of motherhood.  They are focused on a certain topic for the day and you can either read the book through each day or look for a prayer for any mood you might be in.  I also love that the prayers ends with a scripture you can reflect on as you hurry about the rest of the day.

I already love this little addition to my day and look forward to reading my way through the book in the next 365 days!  I think it will get a lot of love and attention in the coming days.  One of my goals right now is to spend more time feeding my spiritual side in hopes that it will make me a better mom, wife and person in general.  I think this book will be a small step in the right direction.  

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I highly suggest this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I am!!

I received this book free from Tyndale Publishing reviewers program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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