Friday, October 24, 2014

Gator Gallop, Second Grade edition!

Today was Emma's school fun run!  It was a beautiful fall day and everyone had a great time.  Emma's grade ran first thing this morning, and Taylor, me and daddy were there to cheer her on and help her class.  

Here is Taylor out front at school, in his running gear.
 We got there early, so he played on her playground while we waited!
 heading to her class's flag!
 Ready to run!!!
 She is off!  
 Taylor joined her to help buffer her from other runners!  Her teacher actually gave him a red bracelet to match his sissy!  Thanks Mrs. Pickett, he was very proud!
 He kept yelling across the raceway to tell me hi!
 Showing off her 10 laps! So proud of her!  She did way more laps this year then last year!  I really laughed though, they were playing music to run to, and when the cupid shovel came on she stopped to dance!!!  I was across the race course and said, I bet Emma stops to dance and looked for her and yep she had!  Love her!  Told her teacher that they should do a dance off next year:)  
 Big smiles!!  She did take a small fall, but she had so many friends stop to help her and cheer her on, that she got right back out there to join back in the race.  She is so brave!!  My hero now and forever!!
 Tomorrow is her school's fall fest and the classes make pumpkins to auction off, I made her classes and it is the cute penguin.  I hope it makes a lot of money for the school!!
 Tonight, started a fun weekend of fall/Halloween fun!  Here is a sneak peak of the kids in costume!  More fun to come!!

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