Monday, October 13, 2014

Beach Vacay Part 1

Here are a few highlights from our trip to the beach!  I know there are a lot of photos but honestly I just added a few of the many cute photos I got on this great trip!!  

First Day was Mostly a road trip kind of day:)
We always stop at the Alabama line and see the spaceship!

Taylor playing ghost from his car seat 
 Emma using her dry erase book that I made them, with handwriting pages, mazes, word searches, I spy etc in them:)  They entertained the kids for over an hour.  Thank you to a few pages printed out and a few page protectors.  
 Daddy took his job as driver very seriously
 Finally got to the beach!  The view from the condo!
 The first trip down to the beach for all of us.  Daniel had taken the kids while I shopped for groceries and picked up pizza with my parents.  So, after dinner we headed down in the dark to play a bit with our light up beach ball.  
 Taylor headed right to the first hole he found.  He loved the beach this year from the first sandy toe to the last!
 IT is still hard for Emma to walk on the sand but she was much stronger this year and liked it a lot better this year too.  Late in the week you will see her actually swim in the ocean.  

Day Two

The next morning we saw Manna rays swimming in the surf while we ate on the balcony.  It was cool and we saw them three times during the week.  
 My cute little beach bum ready to head to the sand

 making a hole:)  
 Daddy got our red tent up and we loved playing in and around it.  We will not talk about how long it took him on the first day to put it up, or about how he yelled at me and then allowed two strangers to help him.  Luckily by Friday it took him about five minutes total to get up.  He rocked it!!

 Help Taylor buried my legs under about ten pounds of sand:)  
 Emma liked going to the pool the best.  I love this photo, Taylor was crying about something and she thought it was funny.  
 Most days we ate lunch in the condo before rest time for the kiddos.  Here they are relaxing with a movie and eating a yummy lunch.  
 Here we are near the pier the second night about to eat dinner.  
 at dinner at a local place on the pier.  It was really good fish tacos.  

 The kids liked it because the beach was right there.  We played on it twice before leaving dinner.  
 Emma's sassy pose
 I love his smile!
 When did she grow up????
 We had not planned to but we opted to head across the street to Pier Park ( a local outdoor mall) to ride the train and check out the fun stuff there.  

 Emma and me got matching henna glitter tats!  We did this last year too!  Sweet memories with my girl. Maybe we will get real one's when she is older;)  
 Taylor go in on the act this year too.  He wanted a black dolphin

Day Three

 breakfast of local donuts on the balcony
 Daddy putting the tent up
 ready to roll and being a big helper with the cooler
 leaving the seven floor for the ocean
 I laugh out loud when I see this photo, he is so silly
 dig dig dig 
 planning their big hole
 about to smash the castles I built
 digging together
 enjoying the new tube I bought to float the ocean waves
 just two boys and a hole
 daddy really took it serious and smoothed out a sitting ledge in the hole
 It was a beautiful breezy day so I ran back up to the condo for a kite.  It was fun!  
 It liked to dive bomb Daniel's head a lot, which made us all laugh
 Taylor really liked the kite and flew it a long time before getting tired

 Pool time!!!
 Arms full of love and laughter:) 
 The hole from our condo rooms, somebody else had played in it and left a blue shovel.
 pretty sunset

 dinner and a movie outside 
 We ended a great day at the condo with a little crab hunting.  It was a lot of fun, but I was horrible at getting them in the bucket.  We did manage to get one in the bucket and the kids thought it was cool.  

It was really funny, was we let it out while the kids sat in the sand.  It climbed up and all over Emma's leg and she thought is was so funny.  I was so surprised that she did not freak out.  

I hoped you enjoyed the first three days of our fun beach vacation:)  A few more fun days to come!!

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