Sunday, September 7, 2014

Soccer Baby

Days like Saturday were a distant dream a few years ago, when the only way Emma could be in sports was in her wheelchair.  I remember wondering if we would ever see her run and play....

 Fast forward a few years and the answer is YES!!!
Taylor wanted a special shirt to cheer sissy on! 
 Saturday Emma got to kick the soccer ball around with a few of her Full Circle Friends!  This is a program for special needs kids through the YMCA that works to bring different experiences to kids who need the extra help.  We are blessed to be very close to a center with this amazing program!  Also, we are very happy that several school friends and family friends are part of the group!!!  So, not only did she get to start to learn about soccer,but she got to do it with new and old friends.  
Sadly the weather was not the best for a child with hearing devices, but it turned out to be a fun hour.  
 Saturday the kids just got to meet the ladies that will be their buddies to teach them the rules etc of the game.  They are some local high school girls that play soccer and have been playing for a long time.  They were really sweet and did great with all the kids.  
Emma got right out there in the sprinkles of rain and started kicking the ball.  
 kicking with her buddy! 
 Running, yes running in the grass.  Still makes my heart sing to see her able to run and kick.  God is so amazing!  I see the face of God in each step she takes.  Three years of watching her do it and it still amazes me!!
 going in for a goal
 kicking with one of our dear friends
 they even let the siblings kick around, here is Taylor taking a break!

 Chasing her friends with a ball 
 Daddy is helping coach, and here is Emma trying to get it past him and she did:)  
 sweaty but oh so happy!  Look at that smile!!  
 concentrating on the ball 
It was a fun first experience with soccer.  Emma really enjoyed herself and really liked getting to see her dear friends.  You know she loves to be social:)  I am thankful for programs like Full Circle that allow my sweet girl to do something she has wanted to for a while and to do it safely and with support and love!!  We are already looking forward to next weekend when they will start to learn more about the game.  

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