Friday, September 5, 2014

Adventures with my son

Sometimes when sissy is at school Taylor and me take a little adventure time!  Most days are just full of errands, playing at home or hitting the Y but some days we get a little crazy:)  The Big Bug exhibit at a local garden/museum was ending this weekend, and Taylor really wanted to see them one last time.  So, despite the high heat today, we headed out on a hunt for some fun!!!

 He wanted to climb on everything and show me his muscles when he got to the top;) 

 We have been members here for years but we found a new trail we had never been on thanks to a friend who had shown pictures of her kids on this trail.  We looked and found the trail and boy was it fun.  
 Into the woods we go!!
 interesting sculpture
 Taylor thought that this looked like a claw
 He was so excited to see this cute animals in a little group!  He got on each one of them and talked to them as well.  He loved the rabbits the most.

 Then we spotted some real animals hiding in the woods.  This is one of the two deer we saw.  Taylor had never been that close to a deer and was in awe.  
 Here is the glass bridge we found, we think Emma needs to come play Elsa Frozen on it soon.  It was really cool and just out in the middle of the woods.  
 Sweaty but loving my time with my sweet boy
 buzz like a bee
 he saw another little boy who got in the creek and asked.  Well, it was so stinking hot I agreed.  It was really slick and he fell but he got cooled off and tried something new.  I will make a country boy of him yet!!!
 We finally had to go back to the car, I was needing some water pretty bad and it was inching towards lunch and nap time.  Luckily we got back to the car, a sweaty mess, but he was happy to get his lunch to eat on the way home.  He kept saying thanks mommy for a fun adventure together today.  I love him!! I truly love his sweet little spirit.  

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