Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Fun!!

Our long weekend started a little early, with a quick mapping appointment on Emma's cochlear implant.  She was still struggling with a few sounds, so her speech teacher asked her audiologist to tweak her mapping to see if that will help.  So, Emma left school at lunch Friday to head to Vandy.  After a quick appointment we decided to take advantage of a random afternoon together (daddy went back to work after a snack) and stopped at an amazing ice cream place.  It is a cool little dive where you eat outside and watch the crazy traffic on the busy street:)  

Blue Eyed girls!
 Best milkshake ever!!
 Emma opted for some yummy fresh cut fries!  
 The boys!!
 After daddy went back to work and we ran a few errands, we finally made it back home.  Here is Emma and Taylor playing in his room!  Too cute when they have fun together.  
 He was putting gas in the Lego car he just made.  He was making the cutest noises to go with it.
 Emma proudly displaying the certificate Daniel got in the mail Friday from his training a few weeks ago.  She said "Daddy it has to go on the fridge so everyone can see how good you did"  it was precious!!
 Saturday we wanted to go to see the bugs at Cheekwood one last time but it was rainy and yucky so we opted to go bowling!! The kids had been begging to go for weeks.  They were thrilled when they figured out that was where we were going!

 She carried a watermelon:)  Sorry cheesy quote from Dirty Dancing but it did remind me of that part of the movie when she would carry the ball to the ramp.  
 Looking up at the score!
 posing while watching daddy
 After one game, we headed to the game area to have some fun.  Taylor loves riding in these car things.  
 Emma was excited to be able to get in the bounce house a lone and not be knocked down by bigger kids.  
 air hockey  
 let me see the muscles
 games, games and more games!!

 little monkey swinging 
 We paid a little extra to go in this room, it is a room with black lights and two sides, it has all these buttons that light up and you have to push them.  It is timed and whoever gets the most buttons touched wins.  Girls won!  Yep we were a little excited to have won against the boys!!
 Then after a long nap, Emma and Taylor watched a movie and explored some craft time.  

Sunday, Daddy finally got our grass cut and had a little helper racking up the really long grass left behind.  We also went to church, Emma went to a birthday party and we played outside.  

 Monday, we slept in, and then hit the local indoor Y pool for some swimming fun before lunch.  
Then, the kids played some games with daddy while I prepped the food for the grill.
 It was a nice night, so the kids hung outside while daddy manned the grill.  Here they were playing baseball while the grill warmed up.  

 Then, they played pirate ship on their playground!  It was so cute.  
 Emma wanted to be Tinkerbell and so I grabbed her wings and flower headdress to add to her imagination!

 A break from pirate ship fun to play in the sand!
It was a great long weekend.  Lots of memories made, lots of catching up on sleep, and lots of laughter.  Tomorrow we head back to work and school, but hopefully the memories of all the family fun will last us till the next weekend!  I love when we get family time and I love my family!!

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