Monday, January 28, 2013

Sorry for the bad photo, but it is a quick naptime post so I saved this from FB. 

Anyway, Emma had her 100th day of school last week.  This is her by her project we worked on for two days.  As you can tell, she was very very proud of it.  That is 100 crayons on a wooden wreath frame.  We painted the wood then after it dried we glued and counted 100 crayons.  We just laughed and laughed the whole time.  Then, we worked on the little 100 days sign, which she wrote on and everything.  Lastly we added the stickers ontop of the crayons.  It turned out so cute and Emma told me over and over again how fun it was. 

Her teachers all loved it and Emma had a great day at school celebrating the 100th day!

After, 100 days of school, things are finally starting to go better.  Her teachers are finally communicating with me more and more and her new IEP plan seems to be helping.  She got her new set of school ears last week and with the aids turned to the mic the teachers wear it is really helping.  One therapist and one of her teachers let me know she is communicating better with friends and answering them much better as well.  I think it helps that the hearing specialist who meet with the team in November really layed out how deaf Emma really is and finally got it through to them that she is struggling to understand and hear what they mean.

I am so thankful that things are going better and hope that the next 100 days of school goes much better!

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