Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow Days

Where we live, we do not get a lot of snow.  Last year we got only a few flurries and that was it.  Emma loves, loves snow, and we have been praying to have at least one snow day this year.  We got our wish, we had snow two days in a row.  But let me say that when we say "we got snow" that means we got barely enough to run a sled down our backyard hill and make a snow angel sort-of.  We had about a half an inch but it was a good snow and we got almost an hour a day of play before it melted away with the sun.

So, Friday when she had no school, Daniel stayed home to help me bundle up the kiddos (it was like 20 degrees outside) and have some fun in the snow.  Taylor has never seen snow and this was the first time Emma was walking in the snow!  It was a fun fun time!  Taylor loved the snow and went down the hill many times in our little sled! Emma squealed and made snowballs to throw at daddy ha ha! 

Saturday we joined a few friends at the local park by our house and watched them sled down a bigger hill.  Emma was not so happy about how step it was but she went down twice.  Taylor loved it and loved watching the older kiddos playing too.  Lots of fun and giggles around! 

Both snow plays were so much fun for all of us.  Watching the kids play and explore was the highlight of my year so far.  Family time like this is rare and so amazing!  Thank you God for allowing me to see the fun and beauty in these Wide Awake moments!! 

Here are a few pics of our snow fun!

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