Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby It Is Cold

Last week we played outside in no coats for three days, today it is sleeting and below 30.  Wow what a crazy few days of weather!  I also forgot we flooded in a few areas yesterday!  Emma really wants snow and all the fun that brings but so far it is just ice and slush.  Hoping by the end of winter we do get at least one snow day of fun.  Till then, we are busy jumping on our mini trampoline we got for Christmas and dancing around the living room in our flannel PJ's.  Snuggle socks and hot chocolate call our names daily and we snuggle up tight at night.

Emma is doing pretty well right now.  She just started a new semester of school and we redid her IEP right before the holidays and she hopefully will be doing much better with the new changes.  Things are pretty up in the air with her schooling right now, as we see her hearing becoming a bigger hurdle then we originally thought.  She is still struggling with her vocabulary and her understanding and the pace of the class is hard.  However, we hope the changes will help her to not be so behind, and we will meet again in two months to see how it is going.  It is so hard to know what to do, as we are still learning about her hearing loss.  Praying it all helps and we do not have to move her to a new school, which is the only real other option.

So, we are working hard and praying harder!

Life is never dull

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