Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taylor Tuesday

It has been awhile since I really talked about Taylor, so here you go!  Taylor is a busy busy boy now that he can stand and climb.  Whew I have to watch him at all times, I have found him on top of his sister's picnic table more times then I care, he can reach the TV buttons now, and loves to climb stairs when we visit other people's houses (thank you God we have a one story).  He loves to be outside and if you open the door he will stand there and scream to we go outside.  He likes to swing and slide and recognizes when we drive or stroll by the parks near us and he will fuss and point if we do not stop.  He still is not really walking, but walks on his knees.  It is so funny to watch but let me tell you he is fast.  Makes me scared for when he does walk on his feet:)  His knees are pretty rough looking but he does not care one bit, he likes to crawl anywhere and everywhere on his little knees!  He has had a few bumps and bruises as he learns to stand etc but nothing major yet. 

This weekend he attended his first wedding.  His Aunt Jenn married William and he was pretty good considering three days or no or little naps due to all the parties and family get together for the wedding.  He enjoyed the music most and meeting lots of his Washington State family.  Below are a few photos from the weekend.  He looked so handsome!

 Crawling on his knees
 Rehearsal dinner, he kept putting his paci in his truck
 Eating a snack and dancing to the music at the wedding
 Playing with the petals that his sissy throw down as a flower girl.
 Mommy trying to make him walk
 All done dancing!
Sweet Dreams Taylor, you will now be leaving with Papa and Meme you are too tired to party on!

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