Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dirt Park Party

The weather here is really warm already, so we are spending a lot of time outside having fun.  Last week we went and had a playdate with my mom and my nephew at the local dirt park as it is known (really the local nature center).  The kiddos had so much fun the two hours we allowed them to play in the dirt.  Taylor even loved it, and I mostly saw his little bottom as he crawled all around.

 The crew
 King and Queen of the mountain
 Taylor trying to get up there too
 Made it halfway up
 Emma loved the dump truck
 Off to explore more
 Playing in the house
 Busy bee
Digging more in the dirt

Just another day in the life of my little family!  We try to make the best of the day whatever it may bring.  Gotta love simple fun in the dirt!  Life does not have to be flashy, just fun!

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