Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Emma Rose

Last weekend Emma had a small party with three friends as part of her birthday celebration.  We opted for a small party with friends outside of school, for many reasons, and one being that we wanted her to get to enjoy her friends without a lot of noise and craziness of a large party.  So glad we made a small party with three friends she choose, because she had a great time.  Even though it was a small playdate party I made it special with a few decorations.  Emma wanted Hello Kitty so I went bow crazy!

 Emma's year in review photo banner, love it!
 Her cake turned out okay but could have been better.
 I made a few tissue paper flowers puffs to hang and Taylor and Emma love them.

The snacks, biggest hit was the cones full of popcorn made out of scrapbook paper stuck in a foam wreath form covered in streamer paper:)  All the girls loved that.
Taylor watching us set up outside stuff to play with and Emma standing by her Hello Kitty Pin the bow game
Running to greet her friends!
playing in her room:)
Daddy and Taylor decided that four little girls and three mommy's was to many women and went to Costco
Lily sang so pretty to Emma when it was time to blow out her candles
K and Emma playing Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty
Rolling down our hill
Playing outside
Opening presents
Hugs good bye

Treat Bags for the friends!!

Emma and her friends had so much fun and the mommy's enjoyed chatting too!  This was just part of Emma's special birthday fun and I will share more about her birthday fun after Easter!  Still cant believe she is six! Where did time go??

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