Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally a post about Emma as a flower girl

A little over a year ago Emma was in my good friend Alicia's wedding.  At the time, Emma was still using a walker to get around and had not been diagnosed heard of hearing.  She wore the cutest tutu dress and hat and on the back of her walker we attached a wood burned heart that said Here Comes the Bride.  She did a wonderful job "walking" down the aisle and loved being in the wedding.

The picture below is one of the shots from that wedding.

A few weekends ago, Emma was in her Auntie Jenn's wedding as a flower girl.  What a huge difference a year has made.  She walked so nicely down with no help, threw petals so well and wore her cute purple special ears proudly.  Yep, this mommy cried as she watched from my place on the floor taking pictures:) 

Below are a few photos of this special day! So proud of how far she has come in a year!  Way to go my little Rose mommy is proud!

All dressed ready for the wedding!

With Auntie Jenn getting her special present from her and Uncle William

Waiting outside the door

She took her job so seriously, she went back in and picked every petal off the dance floor:)

Dancing with my dad, her Papa! Yep Cried again!

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