Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good bye PreK, Hello Kindergarten!

I can not believe tomorrow is Emma's last day in Ms. Riley's class.  Where has the year gone?  It has been the best decision we made in a long time, to hold her out one more year and have her start K as a six year old.  (We even made that decision before her hearing diagnoses was made)  She has been able to grow and learn so much more this year and I feel is a little better off academically then she would have been if we went ahead with K this year.  We still are behind but not as bad. 

She was able to gain more confidence in her walking and tested out of school Physical therapy this year!  She mastered all her occupational goals and had to get new ones before the year was out as well as her speech goals!  She has learned to listen with her special ears so much better and boy has her speech blossomed!  She is talking in sentences, is able to actually tell us about her day much better then even a few months ago, she is clearer when she speaks and more and more people can understand her, she has learned how to write her name first and almost her whole last name, she has learned to count past 10 and all of her colors, she knows some months of the year and most of the days of the week, and so very much more!  I will know more once we get her report card tomorrow!  I am so very proud of how far she has come in this year, the hearing aids have been such a turning point for her and we all feel she will continue to learn and grow faster and faster as she learns more and more vocabulary. 

She was so blessed with the best teacher this year, Ms. Riley, and her wonderful assistant, Ms. Helen.  They have loved her and taught her how to follow the rules.  They have kept in touch with me about what is going on in school and do not mind when I randomly panic and text her in the middle of the day to check on her:)  They have rejoiced with us as she learned to talk more and more and they lovingly gave her the most talkative award on Monday at awards day!  You better bet we are so proud of that award and will be framing it for the living room asap.  That is a hard earned award, who know that nine months ago when we put her hearing aids in for the first time she would take off so fast.  They doubt at the time they would help at all due to her severe level of loss. 

Today was pizza and cake day for their last lunch.  Emma was so happy to have both parents and of course Taylor there to see her friends and watch her on the playground!  Where she amazed me by zooming up a ladder on the monkey bars and reaching the top (yes the same one she fell off of the week of the recital).  I could not believe our little girl who started to walk just a year ago could now climb and run all over the playground with no help.  I stood in amazement!

I could go on and on about her wonderful teachers and school but instead I will end with some cute photos of this past week.  I am scared about the fall but refuse to let it get me down when Summer Starts tomorrow!

 Teacher Gifts!
 last week photo
 coming down the hall for awards with her hand in her pocket
 waiting so nicely
 Taylor loved clapping for everybody
 Trying to get up to get her award from the Vice Principle
 So proud!
 Makes all the Speech sessions worth it!
 Ms. Kelly her OT
 Pizza Party
 Emma and Cooper
 Getting her happy face
 Taylor and Cooper's brother sizing each other up

 at the top!
  So proud of all you did this year baby girl!  Now on to summer full, speech class and lots of swimming!

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