Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moments like these....

Saturday was such a special day for my sweet Emma Rose, and really for all of us who know and love her. She had her first ballet recital! It was an amazing morning watching her on stage and loving it! She is such a diva:) (I had worried for weeks that she would freakout and refuse to do it, and at rehearsal she did a little freak out but she did great the day of the show). I loved every minute of being a dance mom and a backstage dance mom at that.

It is truly moments like these that wipe all the stress of raising a special needs child away for a while.  It reminds us all that all the dr. visists, phone calls to insurance, emails to school officials, all the late nights worrying, all the holding them down for test is worth it!  She has overcome so much and is a walking miracle and example of God here on Earth.  She never gives up and neither do we!  I have learned so much from her and pray that I continue to allow her to grow and thrive. 

Saturday was so very special since when she started summer dance classes she used a walker, but after two summer's we decided to go for all year dance and she looks forward to it all week long.  She calls it pretty and ask daily when it is.  She loves to twirl and jump:)  I was so proud to watch her strut onto that stage in her costume and dance it up.  My favorite part was when they put their little hands up to bow she did it with such joy and ownership.  She just blossomed on that stage and my tears flowed freely down my face. 

I pray that she always dances like no one is watching... enjoy a few photos of this special day.

My Little Ballerina!

 Emma and a Proud Mommy
 Emma and the only boys she needs for now!

 Backstage with her friends watching movies in between dances!
Love the little ruffle bottoms all in a roll


KB said...

I loved getting to know you better!!! Big kudos, mom!!

Rachel said...

Thanks I loved getting to know you better too!