Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Nights

Tonight was one of those nights, were we passed in the driveway both going different directions with one of the kids in tow.  Emma had physical therapy with Daddy and Taylor had movement class with mommy.  I sent Daniel a text message and suggested we meet up to do some errands then head to Blue Coast for dinner and a trip to a park nearby.  He agreed and that was the plan.  Once again trying to add fun to the craziness of Emma's current medical needs.

Blue Coast has family night on Tuesday's which makes it an affordable option for a night of eating out.  Plus, it is a favorite of me and my hubby:)  

 I see you!!

 Plus there is the added bonus of the balloon man who is there on Family nights!!

 There is a cool park near the shopping area we were at and normally it is too hot to stop, but we are having much cooler weather today, so we got to play!  The kids were so happy to get to go to a park they don't get to go to much.  I was just happy that is was not a 100 degrees today:)  
 Still love seeing this cute pink Cochlear Device on her head. 

 Little monkey hanging around!!

 May have to sign her up for some Cross Fit classes 
 Just a swinging

 Then we finished the night out with picking up a few groceries and getting a free cookie for dessert.  Gotta love Publix free cookies.  Emma got to help push the cart.  She thought she was hot stuff.  

It was a fun night and a nice break from all the craziness of therapies.  

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